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Summer/Fall LIVING ROOM Book Tours

Public Self-Service Announcement:

The I’m So Done With Dull Bookstore Book Event Tours

First, two new books:

1. If I Die Before You Wake—a slim chapbook of poems about the journey we all take along the precipice of life. It is just out from Finishing Line Press (

 2. Loving Violet—a new novel, a generational sequel to Take This, is due to be published this summer by Codhill Press. Loving Violet is about the confounding, conflicting, and enduring dimensions of love as Aaron and Violet (and eventually Esme) travel from a tony Westchester college town, spend some quality time in Brooklyn and the North Fork of Long Island, and eventually end up on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  

And second, I’ve grown weary of the old and dull bookstore tour thing. So a new wrinkle or two (pun possibly intended) on how I plan to promote the books: 


May-June-July 2017: The If I Die Before You Wake Living Room Tour. Invite some friends (as many as you have chairs for) into your living room, I’ll show up a literary five minutes late, supply the chapbooks (at author cost) for everyone, read some poems (no more than twenty minutes guaranteed), and we’ll all drink some wine and chat about such scintillating topics as parenting, grandparenting, life, death, the end of terror, the utter joy of sitting around a home with friends talking about, as The Little Prince says, matters of importance. Real importance. That is, something other than Trump, Beyonce, ISIS, The Voice, Little League, restaurants, the dangers of gluten, the virtues of quinoa, who’s cheating on who …. 


October-November-December 2017-maybe January 2018- and maybe May-June-July 2018: The Exclusive Loving Violet Book Group Tour. Invite me to visit your book group. I’ll supply the novels (at author cost) for everyone in the group and a month later I’ll show up at someone’s home (as above, a literary five minutes late), read a few pages, and then we’ll drink some wine and chat about young love, mature love, the yearnings of the heart, the ache of loss, the writing life, the sins of the fathers, the comfort of friends, and (my observation) the utter joy of widows on a cruise. As above, matters of importance. Real importance. That is, something other than Trump, Beyonce, ISIS, The Voice, Little League yadda yadda ….

I’ll drive anywhere within three hours of the center of my universe, New Paltz, answer all your questions, do my best to charm you and your friends, and promise to go home at the end of the night.  

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