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Through a life formed, informed and daily reformed by seven children (and now sixteen grandchildren), Steve Lewis writes affectionately and passionately about our shared experiences on this earth. From Zen and the Art of Fatherhood to Fear and Loathing of Boca Raton he took us on a narrative tour of every sunny nook and darkened cranny in the family home—and is now wandering through the yard, beyond the tree line, deep in the woods in novels Take This and Loving Violet (Summer 2017), and a collection of poems, If I Die Before You Wake (March 2017).  Steve is a former Mentor at Empire State College, a current member of the Writing Institute faculty at Sarah Lawrence College, a Contributing Writer at TalkingWriting.com, Editor/Literary Ombudsman at WritersReadOnline.com, and El Jefe of the annual Hatteras Island Writers' Retreats at Duckdog Cottage, Rodanthe, North Carolina.



Steven Lewis is a Mentor at Empire State College, a member of the Writing Institute faculty at Sarah Lawrence College.


The following books were written by Steve Lewis and are available online and in some cases, in your local book stores.


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